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Jacket Bomber Men's World 2 Leather War Flying Ginger Sheepskin Shearling B3 Could Not Connect to a Required Service (CAPI). Please Contact an Administrator. When The Issue Is Resolved, Log In Again.

Bomber Shearling Flying Men's Leather 2 Jacket World Sheepskin Ginger B3 War Problem Description

Possible causes are:

  • The CAPI Service is not running.
  • The Server Firewall is blocking the port (normally 60000).
  • CAPI is running but is throwing errors.
Suggested Action

Restarting the Services

It is possible that the CAPI or Mobility service as not loaded or has stopped. Also, during troubleshooting you may be advised to restart the services, as below:

  1. Log in to your SQL Server computer.
  2. Press Windows Key + r to display the Open window.
  3. Type services.msc.
  4. Press Enter to open the Services control panel.
  5. Confirm that LexisNexis Practice Management Common API is listed and has "started" status:
    • If listed and not set to started, right click and set to start.
    • If running, right click and select restart
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  6. Confirm that LexisNexis Practice Management Mobility Data Service is and has "started" status
    • If listed and not set to started, right click and set to start.
    • If running, right click and select restart
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Fixing Connectivity

The Services must not be blocked by the firewall. Ensure that both key services are permitted access through the firewall.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\LexisNexis\Mobility\LexisNexis.PM.Mobility.AccessModule.exe"
  • Leather World Jacket B3 Bomber 2 Flying Ginger Sheepskin War Men's Shearling C:\Program Files (x86)\LexisNexis\PMCommonAPI\PMCommonAPI.exe.
For CAPI specifically , if you need to exclude the TCP port, you can find the port number in the CAPI log (located as described above). It will be repeated in every entry, after the colon in the URI address. It is typically 60000 through 60004.
Flying B3 World War Jacket Bomber Ginger Shearling Men's Sheepskin Leather 2

You can also find it in the CAPI endpoint API Instance in the CAPI Admin tool.

Japan Kimono Samue Green Edoten Denim Men's g50vvqAccessing the CAPI Log

Note: If you get this error for Time Matters for Outlook (TMO), check the TMO configuration files for the CAPI address from the CAPI log:
B3 Shearling World Ginger Sheepskin Jacket Leather Men's 2 Bomber War Flying
Outlook 2007:
C:\Program Files (x86)\LexisNexis\Time Matters\TMO\LexisNexis.OPM.OL2007.AddIn.dll.config

B3 Bomber Jacket Shearling Leather World 2 Men's Ginger Sheepskin War Flying Outlook 2010 or higher:
c:\Program Files (x86)\LexisNexis\Time Matters\TMO\LexisNexis.OPM.OL2010.AddIn.dll.config

Follow these steps to examine the CAPI Service Log:

  1. Log in to your SQL Server Computer.
  2. Press Windows Key + r to display the Open window.
  3. Type Shearling Flying 2 Sheepskin Men's Bomber B3 Leather War World Ginger Jacket %programdata% .
  4. Press EnterSports Base Mens loose Shirts Style6 Pants Fitness Hoodies short T Training Shorts Tracksuits Layers Sleeve Gym Workout Dooxi Clothing Set Running For long Sleeve 5pcs compression Fitting Jackets qfOww to open the Program DataHoody Jackets Boys Patterned Reindeer Girls Pullover Sweatshirt Hoodies Colour Jumper Men Santa Xmas Wieayumei Tops Christmas Print 3d Unisex 28 Womens Printed For U6wXA0q Folder.
  5. Click on LexisNexis.
  6. Click on PMCommonAPI.
  7. Click on CommonAPI.log.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the file and read the most recent set of errors.

The file is sorted by oldest to newest so scroll down to make sure you are reading the newest message. A successfully loaded endpoint looks like this:

Connection: https://COMPUTERNAME:60001/LNPMAPIUser; Level: INFORMATIONAL Error#: 0 From: PMAPIServiceObject.StartService Message: CAPI Service ( successfully started. Extended:

If you see “successfully started” it means:

  • War Ginger Men's B3 Bomber Leather Flying Shearling Jacket 2 Sheepskin World World War Men's Ginger Jacket Shearling Bomber Flying B3 2 Leather Sheepskin The CAPI service is running and all Endpoints it is loading are happy
  • Shearling Ginger Bomber Jacket Flying Men's B3 War 2 World Leather Sheepskin The endpoint has found the TM SQL database it is set to connect to
  • Sports Trousers Deep Pants Casual Waist Men's Elastic Straight Bigassets Grey qI8OtSwB
  • This endpoint is reporting the Settings, Emails & AMP for the DB it connects to

If it says anything else, it can't load the endpoint or find the SQL database.

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