This topic describes the client libraries available for developers who want to consume the Cloud Controller API (CAPI).

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Pants Color Young Als Comfortable High Skinny Chino Solid Bag Fit Trousers Waist 3 Slim Bild Cargo Fashion Casual Men CAPI is the entry point for most operations within the Cloud Foundry (CF) platform. You can use it to manage orgs, spaces, and apps, which includes user roles and permissions. You can also use CAPI to manage the services provided by your CF deployment, including provisioning, creating, and binding them to apps.

Client Libraries

While you can develop apps that consume CAPI by calling it directly as in the API documentation, you may want to use an existing client library. See the available client libraries below.


CF currently supports the following clients for CAPI:


The following client is experimental and a work in progress:


CF does not support the following clients, but they may be supported by third-parties:

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