Guiding refugees and immigrants in the journey toward self-determination and social equality.

We build on the relationships developed through the delivery of these services to raise the voices of immigrants and refugees on policy issues that impact their communities.

Food & Nutrition

We offer nutritious, culturally-specific food shelves while serving as a gateway to resources that move people toward greater economic stability and health. Colors 7 Low Brief Underwear 2718 Boxer Mens Sexy New Brown Seobean Rise HqTAwzayS

Health & Human Services

CAPI assists new immigrants with health insurance enrollment, provides immunizations, offers eldercare programs, and supports caregivers. Learn more about our health & human services programs

Workforce Development

CAPI works with individuals to help them secure sustainable employment via educational and vocational training programs, job placement, and intensive case management. Learn more about our workforce development program

Civic & Community Engagement

CAPI encourages new immigrants to get involved in their communities by assisting with voter registration, providing leadership and civic engagement training, and promoting immigrant/refugee input into publicly financed initiatives. Learn more about civic and community engagement at CAPI

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